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Back by Populist demand! We at Art Brut spent two fruitful days in the delightful and not-terribly-secret-location of Onecat Studios to record a new single. An a-side and a b-side. Like what they used to do in the olden days. The A side is called “Hooray” and is a massive noisy slab of celebration, the celebration of a break-up. The b-side, or “flip-side” could be described as the, err, flip-side of that break-up and, indeed, that a-side. It’s called “The Nearest Exit Is Behind You” and is slightly more experimental. Well, experimental in that we said, “What should we put in that middle-8 section?” And Toby ran in and threw a glockenspiel solo on it before anyone had the chance to slap the beaters out of his hands. He also claimed to have dreamed about the backing-vocal lines the night before. He may be having a nervous breakdown. Brilliant!

All guitars n’ drumbs were recorded in two or less takes and the vocals were similarly successful and succinct in execution. Eddie particularly enjoyed the fact that, perhaps for the first time in Art Brut history, the lyrics had been written BEFORE entering the studio. Usually he’d be frantically suggesting more guitar parts or something, anything to prolong having to essentially make up the words on the spot. Not so, here, fact fans.

Needless to say, but saying it anyway, we’re all quite excited about what we created and can’t wait for you to hear it. Which you will quite soon. In the words of the late Marvin Berry, “You know that new sound you lookin’ for?.. Well LISTEN TO ART BRUT!!”

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Click the link at the top called artbrutstudio! for some pictures. My brain hurts trying to put them in here. HOORAY!!


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  1. Jens Nüstedt says:

    Eddie and Art Brut,
    you changed my life into something better.

  2. Sian Rathore says:

    Please please come back to Hebden Bridge Trades club!

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