Occupy The Bull and Gate Fandango!!!!

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Dearest Internet

It has come to my attention that some in the intersphere consider Art Brut to be less than politically minded. They are considered a party band, letting the events of the day wash over them like a drunk asleep in a sobering gutter. Well, I am here to tell you that our merry band are not so oblivious. The voice of today’s youth has not gone unheard!! Therefore, in the spirit of occupation, Art Brut will be camping out in The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town on the 7th – 8th December

We refuse to sit idly by and watch Club Fandango celebrate a birthday without a residency-size truckload of Art Brut fans causing chaos and booze fuelled funstruction. The madness has gone on too long!! We will be joined by our comrade in arms Keith TOTP and his Minor UK Indie Celebrity Allstar Backing Band (we’re hoping more friends will show up but they’re yet to reply to our riot inciting bbms…). We will not be moved!!

However, as we are not a bunch of rudderless hippies ‘the man’ is making us charge the Wind of Change a nominal occupation fee. But do not fear!! If you are truly committed to the cause and not some fly by night, latte drinking mummy’s boy then you can get the two night bundle for just £18… Viva la revolution!!!

Yours not doing what you tell me

Barnaby Fudge

8 Responses to Occupy The Bull and Gate Fandango!!!!

  1. Laura says:

    We need some Art Brut occupying Portland, Oregon.

  2. Prints Omar says:

    When are you coming to Baltimore? Not trying to make your schedule,I’m just asking.

  3. Tony C says:

    Surely no one who has listened to the first line of “Axl Rose” could possibly think Art Brut are not politicaly astute! This world is indeed f*ucked Sir!
    I look forward to the dawn of a new and prosperous Britain following the Bull and Gate occupation! I remain at a loss to understand why Cameron himself has hither too not chained himself up within his own local Wetherspoons……….

  4. B.W.fudpucker says:

    Sounds like a scam to make money on a bunch of mindless nonesense to me! You refer to the “old Hippies” as being rudderless, meaning I assume they had no real intentions of making a change and they meerly created havock. But the reality is the ” Old Hippies” Are the ones that DID create change!!! And they did not charge admission to do it ! When you catch a moment that your idle mind is not preocupied with some insane loonacy, or some con to clip people for 18.00 Google woodstock! The largest, best concert in history was ? How much? Oh ya IT WAS FREE. Of course I am sure the band you have invited will go on to more fame and fortune than Janis Joplin, Hendrix,Etc, etc, etc did and you will some day be someone or about something? Unfortunatly what you will be about is under the golden arches and what you will do is flip burgers you little half witted twit!

  5. Nick says:

    I am glad to hear that Art Brut are supporting revolutionary causes.

    In this spirit, would you like to play a gig at The Scala for an anti-capitalist festival in July (9th)?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Lee says:

    Where’s Norwich? AARRGH!!0

  7. Lee says:

    Where’s Norwich? AARRGH!!

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