Brilliant! Tragic! Comic Now Available Online!!!!

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After weeks of speculation, the baby has finally crawled its way from birthplace to marketplace. I am delighted to confirm that Art Brut’s much chatted about comic, showcasing artwork from the likes of Jamie Mckelvie, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Hope Larson and Akira the Don, is now available through Townsend Records.

Thirteen of the Brut’s favourite comic book art masters were each given the task of illustrating a track off brand new masterwork ‘Brilliant! Tragic!’. After months of begging, bribing and unsavoury favours, I was permitted to see one of the very first physical formats. I can guarantee that the results are nothing short of mind blowing.

This is the very first time this comic extravaganza has ever been available to order so I would get in quick. Don’t look down as it may be gone. CLICK HERE INTERBASTARDS!!!

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Barnaby Fudge

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