I Formed A Band.

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Eddie Argos UK Spoken Word Tour.

Hello! Art Brut fans! You have been very patient waiting for the next Art Brut album. We have about 25 new songs and are going to start recording very soon! More news on that in the upcoming months.

In the meantime to remind you who Art Brut are you can go and see Eddie Argos’ spoken word show ‘I Formed A Band’

The tour begins next week

Here are the dates with hyperlinks to the tickets!

23d March – Burscough – Arts Centre
25th March – Wakefield – Unity Works (pay what you like)
26th March – Scunthorpe – Cafe INDIEpendent
27th March – Glasgow – The Hug and Pint

Eddie’s book ‘I Formed A Band’ will be available at all the shows. If you haven’t got a copy yet and can’t make it to the show the second edition is running out fast but still available HERE

And if you don’t like physical objects you can buy an Epub/Mobi version for your kindle and iPad which is on sale HERE

Eddie also has a series of new paintings for sale HERE

And his own website for his extra curricular non Art Brut activities HERE

See you soon! All love Art Brut!


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A book! A spoken word tour! An art exhibition!

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Hello it’s been a while, don’t worry we are working on a new album, it should be with you by the end of the year. Before then here are some other things to keep you entertained.


Eddie press

Eddie is going on a spoken word tour of the UK. Here is a little bit about it…

Pop music, as we all know, can be an uncertain business. Whilst a chosen few achieve their dreams of riches, world travel and mass adoration for many a spot at their local battle of the bands is the limit of their fame.

In October of last year Eddie Argos, world renowned lead singer and songwriter with Art Brut, the London band that have spent the last decade redefining the meaning of stardom, entertained a select audience in London’s Islington with the tale of how he created Art Brut and forever changed the face of popular music. Now the whole of the UK will have the opportunity to hear his tales of a life spent in rock n roll, from playing the vacuum cleaner onstage to lying to people in London about how he could sing like Aretha Franklin. This is his story.

Here are the dates!


Saturday 23rd Edinburgh, The Voodoo Rooms (Speakeasy)

Sunday 24th Glasgow, Broadcast

Monday 25th Aberdeen, The Lemon Tree

Tuesday 26th Manchester, Gullivers

Wednesday 27th Birmingham, The Rainbow

Thursday 28th Cardiff, The Globe

Friday 29th Bristol, The Birdcage Door Sales Only

Sunday 31st Leicester, The Musician


Tuesday 2nd Norwich, Arts Centre

Wednesday 3rd Cambridge, Portland Arms

Tuesday 16th Brighton, Komedia Studio

Wednesday 17th London, Courtyard Theatre


A Book! 

I Formed A Band_Indiegogo

Eddie has also written and is crowd funding a memoir. He has already smashed the target, but you can pre-order a copy and read more about it HERE

An Art Exhibition.


Eddie Argos is delighted to be exhibiting his paintings alongside Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth’s drawings, at the Show on The Road gallery during SXSW in Austin this year. If you are at the festival you should definitely pop in and buy all the art.

HERE is a little video about the Show on The Road gallery, the visual food truck. They are fucking great.

See you soon! All love Art Brut.

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dates for yer diaries

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Hello, you
Would you like some FACTS?
On the 22 August we will be playing Tooting Tram & Social (Tickets at
On the 24th August we’ll be appearing alongside The Wedding Present at The Concorde 2 in Brighton for the At The Edge Of The Sea festibule.
Then we’re playing at in Mallorca (bring sun-screen and lots of it).
On Saturday 11 October we’ll be jumping around at Hackney Wonderland
Come along and shout positive reinforcement slogans at us. Hooray!

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Words And Pictures!

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Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 14.30.23

Back by Populist demand! We at Art Brut spent two fruitful days in the delightful and not-terribly-secret-location of Onecat Studios to record a new single. An a-side and a b-side. Like what they used to do in the olden days. The A side is called “Hooray” and is a massive noisy slab of celebration, the celebration of a break-up. The b-side, or “flip-side” could be described as the, err, flip-side of that break-up and, indeed, that a-side. It’s called “The Nearest Exit Is Behind You” and is slightly more experimental. Well, experimental in that we said, “What should we put in that middle-8 section?” And Toby ran in and threw a glockenspiel solo on it before anyone had the chance to slap the beaters out of his hands. He also claimed to have dreamed about the backing-vocal lines the night before. He may be having a nervous breakdown. Brilliant!

All guitars n’ drumbs were recorded in two or less takes and the vocals were similarly successful and succinct in execution. Eddie particularly enjoyed the fact that, perhaps for the first time in Art Brut history, the lyrics had been written BEFORE entering the studio. Usually he’d be frantically suggesting more guitar parts or something, anything to prolong having to essentially make up the words on the spot. Not so, here, fact fans.

Needless to say, but saying it anyway, we’re all quite excited about what we created and can’t wait for you to hear it. Which you will quite soon. In the words of the late Marvin Berry, “You know that new sound you lookin’ for?.. Well LISTEN TO ART BRUT!!”

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 14.31.03

Click the link at the top called artbrutstudio! for some pictures. My brain hurts trying to put them in here. HOORAY!!


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Words. About touring! a diary, if you will…

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Are we sitting comfortably?

Then let us continue where we left off.

You at the back, stop fidgeting!




It is a rare occasion I find myself in Bristol with it not utterly shitting down with rain and this is very much not one of them.

The windscreen wipers, or “Skwipers” as I called them as a five year old, are no match for the biblical downpour and Art Brut HQ (henceforth to be known as “The Van”) is slowed to near stopping on one of this fine city’s many delightful roundabouts as we career into the sudden darkness and near-certain sod.

We are running a touch late, although it’s only me, Ian, Freddy and Tim (sound-engineer to the stars™) in the van as Eddie is meeting us at the venue having deejayed a Halloween shindig in Torquay and Stuffy is being flown in specially from Spain having played the drumbs for some band called The Damned the previous night.

As we enter the hallowed Fleece & Firkin, I am eventually mildly disappointed that it’s been “done-up-a-bit”. At least, the dressing room(s) and the toilets have. On one of many previous visits here I noticed some of the most thought-provoking graffiti on one of the toilet doors. A neatly carved, “Bloc Party are good, but they need to rehearse”, is surely up there with the best “Wot No…” scrawlings in history. Should have been framed or left well alone, in the very least. The old graffiti in the dressing room was a touch more, shall we say, specialized. I particularly recall what might be described as a “bouquet of phalli” daubed brightly above the selection of curl-cornered sandwiches that made up the old rider (Sorry, “gifts”).

We decide to await our intrepid band mates in the little pub next door. In the olden days, the promoter would feed the band in this pub. It was a cosy little place where you could enjoy a pie surrounded by shaky-handed fans clamoring for autographs from the lead singer. It’s not quite like that any more. It’s still cosy but, today, is hosting what appears to be an “open-mic” type affair so we hide in the far corner trying to time the clacking of our woeful pool playing skills with the strains of Bob Dylan and Ed Sheeran numbers.

Eddie arrives still sporting last night’s Halloween costume. Well, he’s painted his face white. It’s attention to detail like this that won him the Academy Award for Best Make-up in 1983. Feeling slightly the worse for wear, Mr Argos repairs immediately to the dressing room to assess the gifts.

More gifts arrive shortly in the form of a large chunk of the Argos clan. And what a lovely bunch they are!

Cut to a couple of hours later, it’s pretty much as full to the rafters in the dressing room as it is in the audience and before we know it we’re destroying the very fabric of popular music with all the abandon of a pissed-up cackle of Hyenas, hell-bent on glory.

Nice one, Bristol, you didn’t Fleece us in the slightest.



Royal Tunbridge Wells


Jokes about The Tundridge Wells Forum being the very pinnacle of the “toilet circuit” due to it’s being a converted public convenience have been done to death, presumably since the venue opened it’s doors in 1993. My first band, Inertia, supported punk legends 999 there a few short years later. It also played host to an horrific scene of backstage debauch in a documentary about joke-punk nit-wits, Towers Of London. Somewhat mercifully, the backstage “area” has been turned into a studio and now the dressing-room is really just a thoroughfare for load-in. There is a sofa, a toilet and more pita-bread than you can shake a stick at but it ain’t half cold, mum.

Once Keith Top Of The Pops and his mega-band have soundchecked, we repair to a marvelous little pub dedicated to real ale and lunatics. Well, one lunatic approaches our table, kisses me on the hat, tells us all to live life to the fullest and is then gently ejected.

The apologetic yet excellent Get Inuit open up proceedings with their spiky mix of Weezer and Pavement. A mix I am not alone in thoroughly digging.

Keith pulls off yet another magical show and manages to use many of the jokes Eddie is planning on using. He is moved to lol, “Why have I chosen to go on tour with a support band funnier than me? What was I THINKING?”

We will all have to think on our feet or, in the very least, drink on our feet. Ian decides to ask from the stage, “Does anyone fancy buying me a pint of cider?” and after a lengthy and silent pause, “Blimey, don’t all jump at once, will you?” Quite the bon viveur, I’m sure you’ll agree. You don’t ask, you don’t get. Or in this case, you do ask, you don’t get. Perhaps the audience thinks he’s joking. Ian NEVER jokes about cider. I suggest you write that down.

They say you play The Tunbridge Wells Forum twice in your career. Once on your way up, once on your way down.

I’ve played it five times.

I have literally no idea what this means.




Not wishing to sound in any way disingenuous but I rarely enjoy London shows. They’re generally the ones that “industry” types come to. Business associates and A&R. Accountants and agents out on a jolly. You usually need a good bucket of salt with you to constantly ingest whilst smiling and nodding at being told how awesome the show is going to be.

That said, London shows are frequently, err, awesome.

Bigger venue, bigger audience, proper lighting rig, fucking massive guestlist…

Me and Stuffy’s Coxonaught brother-with-arms, Owen Thomas is on the list. Although I have to get him his pass because somebody claiming to be him came in with a girlfriend already. She is apparently wearing a “puffa-jacket”. Anyone who knows Owen will know that his arriving anywhere with a girl in such a garment is monumentally unlikely. Weirrrd.

Also on the list tonight is one Jasper Fulcher. You may know him from such bands as Art Brut. We embrace instantly ‘pon my arrival in the dressing-room and Eddie suggests it is rather like a scene from The Two Doctors. A splendid chap, as is Jasper.

The venue it’s self is ace. Makes me feel like I’m in New York. And I love being in New York. It’s all huge ceilings and red brick and bicycles with no breaks or whatever those ruddy deathtraps are called.

We share the dressing-room with the support bands tonight. The Indelicates are known associates, so to speak, as of course is Keith Top Of The Pops, but joining the merry old throng is a Russian band who don’t appear to speak a word of English. We try to explain that our gifts are on one side of the room whilst theirs is on the other. They nod and smile and proceed to go through the food and booze on our side like a plague of rabid locusts. Hats off to them, they leave no bag of crisps unturned.

After the requisite amount of flesh-pressing it is our turn to hit the stage. And it’s great fun. The crowd goes suitably nuts, as do we. Lead by example, I occasionally say.

It’s a proper big rock show, which I thoroughly enjoy.

By the time we get back into the dressing-room, drenched in sweat and joy, there is not a single drop of alcohol left. Ian goes to the bar and buys a box of lager that we attempt to secretly imbibe whilst thanking the known universe for coming.

We party like rock stars into the wee hours.

In a way.

Actually, I get the night-bus back to Stuffy’s and go to bed.

Tomorrow, after all, is another show.

Art Brut, Top Of The Pops, Sing it!

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